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September 20, 2020

Episode 3: Values in the Army

Lieutenant Colonel Trent Burnard

This week on the WarriorU Podcast, Bram continues his talk with Lieutenant Colonel Trent Burnard on leadership in the Army, training, structures and situations.

In this episode, the pair focus on the values that leadership in the Army should instil, the competency of soldiers themselves, understanding who you are as a leader and the relationships between leaders within the Army’s structure.

Episode Highlights:

  • Platoon Commander relationships.
  • Developing relationships within a platoon.
  • Expectations and opportunities.
  • Cultural gaps.
  • ‘Personal branding’ and how you are perceived.
  • The leadership narrative, self-reflection and your ‘why’.
  • Technical competency, doctrine and systems.
  • The main weapon at your disposal is your platoon.
  • Mission flexibility. 

3 Key Points:

  1. Commander relationships and expectation.
  2. Understand who you are as a leader, your values, personal brand and why
  3. Doctrine and weapons, that being your platoon. 

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Personal brand is how you are perceived, are you seen as mature, serious about your work and how to you convey yourself to your platoon.” – Lieutenant Colonel Trent Burnard
  • “Your leadership narrative is critical as it allows people to understand how you will most often react” – Lieutenant Colonel Trent Burnard
  • “With a level of self-reflection, you should be able to tell someone the type of leader you are.” – Lieutenant Colonel Trent Burnard 

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